April’s Challange

For April SewCal Gal had Don Linn for the challenge. Don taught us how to transfer designs to fabrics using tule. I knew I had some tule somewhere in my sewing room so, after digging around for awhile, I pulled it out and remembered I had seen Don demonstrate this some time back but never tried it.


I reduced my photo copy image by 20% but it was still a little bigger then I wanted so I made 65% the size of the original. I couldn’t find the grey sharpie so got a light blue, yellow and a darker grey. None of them showed up on the black tule but the grey did show up on the candlelight tule.

I pinned the tule pattern to my fabric and used the Clover white pen to make the transfer.


I used Superior Thread’s Master Piece #150 (light lavender) on top, #182 (ash blond) in the bobbin with a #12 topstitch needle.

Here is the finished block: front

And back:

the tule transfer works well and I will be using the method again.

In sewing the design I found if I went really slow I could stay on the lines accurately. It took a lot of patience on my part but I did it! I loved putting the pebbles in the center of the flower and noticed my stipple changed size according to my desire to finish. If I ever use the stipple as an all over design I will really have to concentrate to keep it consistent.

Thanks to Don Linn and SewCal Gal for once again giving us a quality Challenge.



2 responses to “April’s Challange

  1. This looks really great. I’d love to hear your evaluation of the Janome 7700 for FMQ. I’m using a 1942 Singer 15-91 for my FMQ at the moment, and DH wants to gift me with a new machine for my birthday! The 7700 is one I’ve been considering, though I don’t think I’d get rid of the 15-91 – love that machine, even with all its quirks. Just started my own blog at Amityquilter2008.blogspot.com if you care to visit. Happy to have found your site.

  2. Pat, I haven’t had the 7700 very long but I am liking it. In fact, that is how I found Leah Day I searched for Janome 7700 on Utube and her videos came up. She’s really an inspiration! I already follow your blog. Happy quilting

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