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Modern Quilting Part 1

Last weeks Quilt Along with Leah Day is making Wonkie Blocks for a Modern Quilt. I used a selection of Ferns an Fossels from my stash and a sateen for the background.

I only have 3 blocks squared up so far. This week I need to finish squaring up the remaining 27 blocks, arrange them on my design wall, sew them together, draw a Zen line over the entire quilt, baste and and start quilting the first lines. Phew, I have a busy week ahead plus my sister-in-law is coming to visit.


Free-Motion Quilting 2012. June

The June Challange for Free-Motion Quilting 2012 came from Cindy Needham. I learned a great deal from this Challange and I want to think Cindy for her incredible generosity and SewCal Gal for hosting it.

For those of us who are new to FMQ we started the month finding our Humm-purr or quilting rhythm and then worked to get out of our comfort zone. I must say the lid to my ‘box’ kept trying to slam shut but keep it open I did.

Here is my Challange.

The green in that photo is so far off I had to include this one as it is so much better

I used Superior’s Glitter Metallic to outline the sections and switched to Rainbow for the design. I learned that the metallic gets lost in all that Rainbow shine. Best to stick to one specialty thread at a time. I like the Superior thread and the only shredding I had was the thread slipped out of one of the machine guides and another was it wrapped around the thread holder. I turned my spool over and that seemed to solve the problem.

Here is the back.

I am looking forward to using my newfound skills on my quilts.

June Free Motion Challenge

Our June Challenge is from Cindy Needham, and oh what a challenge it is! Thank you Cindy for trying to push me out of my comfortable box.

We start off by looking for our “hmmm – purr, the sound our machine makes when we are most comfortable. I am still looking for mine and I think I am almost there, not too fast or too slow.

Cindy had us make a sandwich on which we could practice. You can see I even used a stencil to practice a design I want to use on one of my quilts. I have also drawn a 1 inch grid for future practice, it peeks out there on the right.

Our Challenge for the month is to take all that practice and ‘doodle’ a design. Below is my first attempt.

I have been enjoying the doodles the group on Face Book have posted. One of them, according to the quilter, looks like an octopus. It’s ‘eyes’ seem to be checking you out, enemy or lunch!

Another drew a grid of 1 inch and 1/2 inch and filled all those tiny boxes. Way too detailed and precise for me. I will probably post more attempts for your comments before the final one toward the end of June. In the mean time, have fun quilting.