Monthly Archives: July 2012

Tile work

July’s Challange for SewCal Gal was from Angela Walters. Angela’s quilting is amazing and she taught us how to divide our background into ’tiles’ and quilt a design inside the tile. Here is my tile work.

Angela shows you how to quilt tiles and much more in her new book.

Thank you SewCal Gal and Angela for the Challange for July. Can’t wate to see what’s up for August.


Modern Quilt

Leah Day at Free-motion Quilting Project challanged us to construct and quilt a Modern Quilt. I love it!

This is the second part, mark, bast and quilt the Zen line.

This is a whole new thing for me and, even though my quilt lines are a little shakey and the echo line varies, I don’t think I did too bad. Now I get to go back and fill in the areas with additional quilting.