My quilting room

I thought I would share a couple pics of my messy sewing room. Actually I am in the process of rearranging everything and going through my stash. I am confident that I WILL get it done and it WILL be more organized.

This is the area I am working on first. There are a number of rulers that need to be hung. That thread rack on the wall is coming down and I think most of my rulers will go there. The larger rulers will be upright under the cutting table. That should keep everything handy.

Stash and cutting table

The tables and machine will be completely turned so I am no longer looking out the window and into the bright outdoors. For now I can get to where I need to be so it is slow going on this project.

Reevaluating everything and getting rid of what I will never use is hard. There is the “some day I might” syndrome to fight against. Do any of you have supplies left from crafts you no longer do?


3 responses to “My quilting room

  1. I look at those who seem so focused on their one (maybe 2?) crafts and wonder why am I not like that or at least half as scattered as I am! Many of the supplies that have accumulated can enter in to a current project but generally they are just sadly gathering little dust bunnies. I must find another crafter whose focus is needing some supplies that I have and move them on out!!!!……but someday I might………..

  2. I have a slew of scrapbooking supplies that I don’t use near as often. I don’t scrapbook anymore. But they come in handy quite often. School projects and other random projects. I thought about purging, but I know if I do, I will regret it. I have a lot of money and years of collecting these items invested. Looks like you have a good size space for your quilting room. Mine is shared with the laundry room, but at least it’s all mine. I have plans to do some rearranging tomorrow…or at least clean up;)

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