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October Challenge. 2012

The teacher for October over at SewCalGal is Teri Lucas. Her challenge is similar to the one Cindy Needham gave us except Teri had us start by writing our name in thread and then adding quilted areas

I used Duponi silk for the top, Kona white for the back and wool batting. My thread was all from Superior and included Glitter (my name), Art Studio, Highlites, 100 weight silk (feathers), SoFine and Bottom Line.

The bobbin was Bottom Line with the exception of SoFine when it was both top and bottom.

October Challenge-2012


On the lower right I added the names of women who are very much a part of my life, daughter, daughters-in-law, best friend and cousin.

My Horizon 7700 machine started leaving thread nests on top of the piece when I was nearly finished and with thread I have used extensively in the past with no problems. My next step is to do some piecing, if the nests keep coming I will know for sure it is time for my Baby to get a check up.

Thank you SewCalGal and Teri Lucas for the great tutorial.




In July of 2011 I took 8 quilt tops to Hart to Heart quilters in Merell Oregon to have them quilted. I finished two of them and have 6 to go. This one has been on my bed all summer even though the binding is only half done. I pulled if off my bed and my goal is to get the hand work done so I can put it back on my bed.

Romantic Log Cabin