Table topper. 2012

Here is a little table topper I put together from some squares that were left over from another project.

Purple & blue table topper

I have been reading about sewing the binding down on the machine so I decided to give it a try.

I used my walking foot and found my visibility somewhat limited. Two of the corners look pretty good the other two, not too bad but could be better. I just did a plain top stitch. I think I will try this again on a baby quilt or one for a child where you want it to be really secure. I will probably use one of the decorative stitches that is available on my machine.


Using the walking foot

I did find out that if you hit an awl your machine needle will break and you will have to fish it out of the bobbin area. The solution is to keep closer watch of where your awl is. I used Bottom Line thread by Superior. It blends really well with the fabric.


8 responses to “Table topper. 2012

  1. Major “ouch”!!!!! Have discovered that truth myself and now use half of a bamboo skew (very cheap in the kitchen gadget section of Walmart!). I have been doing the binding with my machine on those items that will get hard wear: table runners, baby quilts, QOV. I have been using either my 1/4″ foot or “joining” foot (the one I use when I stitch in the ditch to stabilize a quilt by stitching around the quilt blocks). I agree, the visibility is poor with the walking foot, especially at those corners. Shades of blue with white—–perfect!!! Hugs, Doreen

  2. Ah, yes, fishing the needle out of the bobbin area! I have the same machine as you, and while FMQ’ing the edge areas of my October challenge piece managed to break a needle, worse yet the point end was lodged in the plastic area of the bobbin case! It took pliers to remove it, then I had to smooth the edges of the little hole it made in the case. Have no idea how that happened! I agree, it is tough seeing exactly what’s happening when using that walking foot. Do you try to move the needle either left or right so that the correct distance from your stitching line aligns with one of the edges on the walking foot? I found that helpful when attempting to do a 1/4 inch seam while stitching the binding onto the front. I think I used a 5.2 needle setting and aligned the fabric edge with the front right edge of the foot. I’ve always hand stitched the back down so haven’t tried what you did on your table mat yet. Janome makes a 1/4″ walking foot that fits on this model. It’s expensive – nearly $40, and from what I could see in the package, it looked very similar to the walking foot we already have. I couldn’t see any discernible 1/4″ edge but may look into it sometime when I have an extra $40. Not anytime soon though.

    • I’m not impressed with the 1/4 inch walking foot. I like the regular one better. My dealer gave me a free one when I bought my machine. I might try the regular foot the next time I do this. I have always stitched the binding down by hand also but thought I would try this way.

  3. For the binding on machine, try different feet. I find I do not need a walking foot. On my machine the normal feed and a zipper foot seems to work best.

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