Chevron Quilt Update

I completed the Bernstien Bears Chevron Quilt top so here is what it looks like now.

Bernstien Bears Quilt top

The binding is ready for use.



I am working on piecing a backing then it will be ready to “sandwich” and baste. I am still thinking about how I want to quilt it. Do I want to KISS (Keep it simple silly) or make it more of a challenge? Thanks Christa for doing this QA (quilt along). It has really challenged me to get those points right.

I needed to take a bit of a break today so I sewed down the binding on one of the quilts that has been waiting since July of 1211. I usually hand stitch the binding as the last step but my hands are protesting so I took it to my machine, got out my edging foot and stitched down all but the corners, those will have to be hand done.

Just 3 more to go.



5 responses to “Chevron Quilt Update

  1. Love it!! So bright and cheerful…..very UN-November-like!!!!!!!

  2. I can’t believe how cute this turned out!!

  3. I am having a lot of fun with it. Still pondering how I want to quilt it though.

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