November Challenge

Here it is, the last day of November and I am just getting my project finished. I hate waiting till the last minute.

The Challenge for November over at SewCal Gal was from teacher Sarah Velder. We drew 1 inch and 2 inch grids and quilted swirls. Swirls are used a lot in FMQ so I really want to learn to do them.

Here is my first attempt. Not too bad. I found if I let the grid slant so did my swirls, just like hand writing. Keeping them round is another challenge, something I really need to work on.

Here is my second go. I had some thread issues so you can see where I stopped and started. Something else I need to work on.

I added some echoing to the swirls on the right and even managed to practice my pebbles. All in all, I think I did pretty good. Maybe after a couple hundred more they will look terrific.

Thank you Sarah for the push to practice swirls.

I also wanted to share my finished wall hanging from Paul Reed's September Challenge. I am very pleased with how this turned out.

Thanks again to SewCal Gal for the Challenges you have given us. Only one month left and we are all wondering if comes next?



8 responses to “November Challenge

  1. I love what you did with the Paula Reed Challenge from September! And what’s really interesting with your swirls is how the pebbling really highlights them and gives them even more dimension – good job!

  2. Thanks. I had a lot of fun with Paula’s Challenge. Swirls are a good thing to learn.

  3. Wow! you have done a great job on the swirls. I agree, there are so many opportunities to use these (and variations) that it’s a good thing to have some mastery of the pattern.

  4. Linda de Beaudrap

    I love your piece for the Paula Reed challenge! Your quilting is excellent!

  5. That looks fantastic, wow!

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