After the Freeze!

I live about 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean, it isn't supposed to get cold. They say it has been the coldest spell in more then 22 years. I Do Not Like It! If I liked the cold weather I would live some place else (a lot of whining going on)

It warmed up today so I ventured out to take a few pictures. It is sooooo sad.

There is other damage too, like my ferns and hibiscus bushes. I am hopeful that come Spring we can trim them up and they will be as beautiful as ever.

In the meantime the cold front has moved through an the 60's and 70's are headed my way.


4 responses to “After the Freeze!

  1. Oh, it’s no fun when you lose such lovely plants 😦 I hope they all bounce back soon. In the UK we have to cover “tender” plants with fleece for the winter months. It has been down to -11 C here so far this year and I’m sick of the ice on the roads. looking forward to springtime already 🙂 Avis x

  2. Even though we experience cold (S.E. MN) at this time, I feel your pain. We have spent many late January vacations in areas that were supposedly warm only to find the temps have dropped to the level you have experienced and the results are so sad. One year we were in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and, to our chagrin, they had “ocean effect snow”!!!! Lucky us to experience such a rare occurrence! Snow at home/ snow in Florida…..what’s wrong with this picture!!!! At least your temps will head up to reasonable level, an Arctic blast is headed our way with sub-zero temps…..major Ugh!!!! Waitin’ for Spring……..hugs, Doreen

  3. My avacado trees look like they did ok but the fruit might fall yet, hard to say. Last year a wind storm blew most of the baby avacados off the trees. It got up to the high 60’s today. My kind of winter. We are really spoiled.

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