FMQ Friday, Feb. 8, 2013

This week I decided I really need to sandwich and quilt a flannel quilt I started nearly 2 years ago for DS#2. It should have been a matter of sandwiching the thing but I decided it just wasn't big enough so I added 3 rows to the width. Of course that means I don't have enough backing fabric so I am working out a design for the back using left overs. From a glance it might look a little girly but his favorite color is purple, thus the lavender, but I think the golds, greens, plaids and stripes help make it more masculine.

Flannel quilt


We are having a 40th. Wedding anniversary party here on Saturday for friends so it doesn't look like I will get any quilting done then. My hopes are to finish the Flannel backing today. I might need to go to the LQS for more fabric. Maybe I will get some solid flannel and add stripes to the back, that way I could use what I already have but it would look more like it was planned instead of trying to cover up the fact I ran out of fabric. LOL

I am linking to Leah Day's FMQ Friday

Have a great quilting weekend.


3 responses to “FMQ Friday, Feb. 8, 2013

  1. I can totally understand/relate to the “quilt-growth” thing. Just went through that with the “Wave” quilt I just posted about! Finished it yesterday and will have photos up tomorrow. Ran out of material when the border grew from 8″ to 12″ and then the backing was definitely lacking!! Love your color choices. Will be well loved!!!!

  2. I think it looks manly enough!

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