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SewCal Gal Challenge

Update on Dec. Challenge

Last week I showed pictures of my beginning hyperquilting on the SewCal Gal Dec. Challenge. Here is a collage of where I am today.

I hope you can see the gold thread shining in the feathers and elsewhere.

This is taking me much longer to complete then it should as I am having some problems with my eyes and can't work on it for very long at a time. I am using eyedrops and, although they help, the weeping continues. I have an appointment with the eye doctor next week.

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Quilt Along Friday

Leah Day started us on a new Journey this year that looks like a great learning experience and lots of fun. Today is FMQ Friday where we share what we worked on this week.


I am adding Hyperquilting to my SewCal Gal. December Challenge. Patsy Thompson loves hyperquilting so I am trying it out. My thread is a Superior metallic variegated, that ranges from copper to silver.

Even closer

It is givimg me subitility that is shiney and quite lovely. Maybe my next hyperquilting adventure will be more bold.

I am going to participate in Leah's 'Express Your Love' project using the panel. Spoonflower says it will take a couple of weeks to get it to me. In the meantime I plan to work on my stack of UFO's and practice Leah's lessons.


December Challenge and other things

The last day of December and the end of another year. I have learned a tremendous amount about Free Motion Quilting this year It is hard to count the ways. A major resource has been SewCal Gal at the 2012 Free Motion Challenge project. The instructors she lined up for us have provided great tutorials. The Challenge is ending today but SewCal Gal says she has something in mind for next year.

December's Challenge was provided by Patsy Thompson and what a way to wrap up the year! We were to explore quilting borders with at least 1 feather border. In essence, we made a Whole Cloth Quilt.

I started out by tracing over the drawings Patsy provided:

and then went to the quilting part.

December Challenge


I can't believe I have produced this on my Janome Horizon 7700.

I joined this group in May so I do not have 12 completed Challenges but wanted to share the ones I did do.

Retrospect for 1212

A special thanks to SewCal Gal and all the instructors who gave us a fun challenging year (8 months for me). You showed me how to loosen up and just have fun with my quilting. I'm still working on the not being so critical of my own quilting part.


November Challenge

Here it is, the last day of November and I am just getting my project finished. I hate waiting till the last minute.

The Challenge for November over at SewCal Gal was from teacher Sarah Velder. We drew 1 inch and 2 inch grids and quilted swirls. Swirls are used a lot in FMQ so I really want to learn to do them.

Here is my first attempt. Not too bad. I found if I let the grid slant so did my swirls, just like hand writing. Keeping them round is another challenge, something I really need to work on.

Here is my second go. I had some thread issues so you can see where I stopped and started. Something else I need to work on.

I added some echoing to the swirls on the right and even managed to practice my pebbles. All in all, I think I did pretty good. Maybe after a couple hundred more they will look terrific.

Thank you Sarah for the push to practice swirls.

I also wanted to share my finished wall hanging from Paul Reed's September Challenge. I am very pleased with how this turned out.

Thanks again to SewCal Gal for the Challenges you have given us. Only one month left and we are all wondering if comes next?


October Challenge. 2012

The teacher for October over at SewCalGal is Teri Lucas. Her challenge is similar to the one Cindy Needham gave us except Teri had us start by writing our name in thread and then adding quilted areas

I used Duponi silk for the top, Kona white for the back and wool batting. My thread was all from Superior and included Glitter (my name), Art Studio, Highlites, 100 weight silk (feathers), SoFine and Bottom Line.

The bobbin was Bottom Line with the exception of SoFine when it was both top and bottom.

October Challenge-2012


On the lower right I added the names of women who are very much a part of my life, daughter, daughters-in-law, best friend and cousin.

My Horizon 7700 machine started leaving thread nests on top of the piece when I was nearly finished and with thread I have used extensively in the past with no problems. My next step is to do some piecing, if the nests keep coming I will know for sure it is time for my Baby to get a check up.

Thank you SewCalGal and Teri Lucas for the great tutorial.


September Challenge 2


September Challenge 2012

Paula Reid provided the September Free-Motion Quilting Challenge for SewCalGal. I learned a number of things from this Challenge

1. If you choose a thread that blends with the background fabric it is really hard to see what you are doing.

2. I had to finish the pebbles from the back, like doing bobbin work, making my eyes happier.

3. Unless the light is hitting the piece right, the design is hard to see on the front

I took a 5 day workshop with Cindy Needham last week and learned a lot about design and thread. I even changed the tension in my bobbin and the world didn’t come to an end though I was very nervous.

Our class included numerous will known teachers in the Quilt World including Paula Reid and Diane Philips. What a privilege to be exposed their work and advise on quilt design. We had the opportunity to share an unquilted top for suggestions of how to quilt it. It was great fun. If you get to take a class with Cindy you will learn and have a good time.

Here is my September Challenge

I can see from the picture of the back that I need to extend the pebble area to make it more even manner. My plan is to add a frame around the entire piece quilt repetitive lines between the pebbles and the frame then make a pillow. I just didn’t have time to get all that completed before the end of September.

I used Superior Bottom Line thread, a #70/10 Titanium needle, and Tuscany Wool Batting.