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International Quilt Day

Today I am working on two projects (UFO's)

1. Diamond Rail Fence from Missouri Star Quilt Company

I am sewing 6.5 in. blocks together to get 12.5 in. blocks. Then I can start putting the top together.

2. This one is a Quilt Along from Christa Quilts called Hugs and Kisses. I am using strips I cut last summer so I am calling it a UFO ;-). This week we are subcutting the strips.

I have a lot of cutting left to do, then I can start making the Bow Ties. She has a give away with this quilt sew come join in!

Linking up with SewCal Gal at her Quilt Party

I hope everyone is enjoying there quilting weekend.



UFO Sunday. 2/17/2013

It's Sunday again and time to show the progress I have made in Dan's Flannel Quilt. It has been pin basted and the quilting has begun!

I am using KISS (keep it simple silly) quilting. Straight quilting in both directions using a walking foot to feed front and back at the same time.


Flannel quilt fron

I folded it about in half so it is wider then it looks, about 76×80. Aurifil 50 weight cotton

thread on the front in a soft mossy green.


Back of quilt

This is the back of the quilt. I pieced a section with left over fabric. The back thread is Superior's Bottom Line, 60 weight in a light golden yellow.

The batting is Hobb's 80/20.

I am linking to Leah Day's UFO Sunday

Have a great week quilting.


In July of 2011 I took 8 quilt tops to Hart to Heart quilters in Merell Oregon to have them quilted. I finished two of them and have 6 to go. This one has been on my bed all summer even though the binding is only half done. I pulled if off my bed and my goal is to get the hand work done so I can put it back on my bed.

Romantic Log Cabin


Last week I started cutting the 2 1/2 strips to make up two jelly rolls. That was my UFO Sunday project. They are finished and the combination looks pretty good.

40 strips from my stash.

I think my next project has to be the SewCal Gal Challenge for Sept. The rest of the month is going to be pretty busy so if it is going to get completed in Sept. I need to 'get hopping'.

I still haven't made a list of my UFO's but there are enough of them to keep me occupied for at least the rest of the year without starting something new. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. I have 4 jelly rolls waiting, oh wait, those are UFO's too aren't they. LOL.

In less then 2 weeks I will be headed to Sacramento via AMTRAK for the workshop Cindy Needham is holding. I can hardly wait. what fun that should be!



Lea Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project has a new project for us. We are to look through our Unfinished Objects (UFO’s) and pick one to work on at least on Sunday.

Here is the UFO I really need to get done as I have a time limit, Sept. 16.

Jelly roll in progress

I am going to spend some time with my cousin and I came up with the idea that we should each put together 2 jelly rolls. One for each of us. I am about half way done and now that I have them laid out I see that I really need to add some lights. Maybe a couple of pinks, lavender, yellow and neutrals.

The Missouri Star Quilt Company put up a Utube video for a rail fence quilt with an added diamond and that is what I want to do with one of my jelly rolls. The Rail Fence Diamond

Missouri Star Quilt Company

Wouldn’t you know I can’t find the link but there is a pic of Jenny holding the one I want to make.