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FMQ Friday 3/15/2013

I finished two of the projects I listed last week.

I think my little mug rug turned out pretty good.

Finally got all the hand stitching completed on the binding. About one fourth of the back is the fabric left over from the piecing. It is kind if neat to wind up, basically, with a double quilt. I just quilted straight lines with my walking foot. It is made from flannel so it is soft and cuddly.

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Have a good Quilty week.


UFO Sunday. 2/17/2013

It's Sunday again and time to show the progress I have made in Dan's Flannel Quilt. It has been pin basted and the quilting has begun!

I am using KISS (keep it simple silly) quilting. Straight quilting in both directions using a walking foot to feed front and back at the same time.


Flannel quilt fron

I folded it about in half so it is wider then it looks, about 76×80. Aurifil 50 weight cotton

thread on the front in a soft mossy green.


Back of quilt

This is the back of the quilt. I pieced a section with left over fabric. The back thread is Superior's Bottom Line, 60 weight in a light golden yellow.

The batting is Hobb's 80/20.

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Have a great week quilting.

After the Freeze!

I live about 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean, it isn't supposed to get cold. They say it has been the coldest spell in more then 22 years. I Do Not Like It! If I liked the cold weather I would live some place else (a lot of whining going on)

It warmed up today so I ventured out to take a few pictures. It is sooooo sad.

There is other damage too, like my ferns and hibiscus bushes. I am hopeful that come Spring we can trim them up and they will be as beautiful as ever.

In the meantime the cold front has moved through an the 60's and 70's are headed my way.

Sewing machine tools

Every time I have to clean my machine I have to struggle with getting to those screws in awkward places.

Trying to get to that screw!

Does this happen to you too? In order to use two hands I have to reach through the harp space and around the back of the foot! There must be a better way.

My DS works in a local, small, hardware store (Avenue Hardware) plus he has just about every tool known to man out in our garage so I pulled him into my sewing room and presented him with my problem. His question to me was “Do you have to do that very often?” Silly boy. I calmly explained that yes; every time I needed to clean the machine, broke a needle, got a thread nest and a dozen other occurrences; I had to take that plate off.

Less than a minute later he brought me this odd looking thing. It's called an Offset Screwdriver.

Offset screwdriver

Here is what it looks like in use:

So much easier.

Now I can get back to my quilting, happier because I no longer have to twist my hands into knots when that plate needs to come off.


In July of 2011 I took 8 quilt tops to Hart to Heart quilters in Merell Oregon to have them quilted. I finished two of them and have 6 to go. This one has been on my bed all summer even though the binding is only half done. I pulled if off my bed and my goal is to get the hand work done so I can put it back on my bed.

Romantic Log Cabin

Ventura County Fair

Ventura County Fair 2012

My Daughter-in-law was kind enough to take pictures of the quilt entries for the Fair for me so I thought I would share some of them with you.

Since Karen likes to play cards she couldn’t resist this last photo of a table setting.

Ventura County Fair 2012

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of some of the quilts in the 2012 Ventura County Fair.

Learning the ropes

I have a lot of new things going on in my life right now, Free Motion Quilting being a major one, also trying to figure out how to do all the fancy stuff on a blog like side bars and connecting to another blog. Hope this doesn’t completely blow my mind Hahaha

I’m going to have to get on my computer to change my heading picture as iPad doesn’t work for cropping the image.